Archives: October 2014

Getting Around Indy

In recent years, Indianapolis has grown into a modern urban environment replete with everything the urban dweller could ever want or need. This includes entertainment (sports, theaters, events), food (restaurants aplenty, farmers markets, grocers), and the like. One key element to making sure that all of these different facets of urban life come together is…

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Corporate Indy On The Rise

Corporations are a vital part of any economy. They bring jobs, revenue, and general support towards the environment they’re placed in. This is especially true for local economies in an urban environment. Take corporate Indy for example; Indy has had numerous Fortune 500 companies grace it’s skyscrapers, currently, and in years past. If you’re looking…

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Indianapolis Museums

Indianapolis has museums in spades. Among the museums found in and around the city include The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, NCAA Hall of Champions, Indianapolis Museum of Art, and others. Let’s sort through these respected institutions one at a time, to give you a real insight into what Indianapolis can offer the cultural enthusiast. THE CHILDREN’S…

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