Rent Requirements

Our 3 major requirements include but are not limited to:

* 3 times the monthly rent in income

*2 years of good rental history

*No evictions in the past 5 years

Income Sources

Please provide any and all information and paper work showing any type of income including paycheck stubs, any government assistance, investments, etc. We typically like to see several weeks of your most recent paycheck stubs.  Remember that the target is 3 times the rent amount.

Rental History

We require a good, stable rental history dating back at least 24 months. You must provide your landlord’s name and information on the rental application so that we can get in contact with them.

Credit Report

We pull credit using a service called Property Ware.  Simply put property ware is software made for landlords and property managers.  It is a widely used software in the home rental industry.
*We do not limit ourselves to being strictly confined to these requirements.  We do take into account the entire big picture.  If there is a way to approve you with certain conditions in place we will make every attempt (within reason) to find a way to rent you the house you desire.  Our goal is to get you approved and rent our houses!