Who Else Wants to Sell Their Home?


How To Get Top Dollar

Are you thinking about selling a property in Indianapolis?   You might be asking yourself “how do I get absolute top dollar”? The answer is simple. Hire a top real estate agency that specializes in your area. Only licensed agents have access to the latest data that shows exactly what nearby houses have sold for, how they sold, how long it took, and what the property looked like. It’s important to price the property correctly. In today’s market it never hurts to ask a bit more than what the comparable sales suggest but if there is no immediate interest in the property then you need to adjust the price down until the property gets some showings.

For a home to get top dollar the place needs to be clean, clutter-free, well maintained and in some cases even staged!  When an agent brings a potential buyer through your property you want them to be able to paint a clear picture of how it would be to live there and arrange their furniture and other belongings.

At FS houses we can be your much needed real estate expert. We can show you comparable sales, advise on decor and do it all for a discounted commission netting you the most possible money for your home. When we list a property we go above and beyond the average agents.  If you are interested in having us work for you please take a brief moment to fill out the form below.


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