Impress Your Thanksgiving Guests with Incredible Food from Fountain Square

Can you believe Thanksgiving is a mere couple weeks away? Planning out a Thanksgiving meal can be pretty exhaustive, but luckily, there are some great ways to spread out the work. If you are hosting Thanksgiving this year, you could easily make it a potluck where each guest brings a dish or enlist some friends or family members to help with the cooking.

Thanksgiving Dinner Help from Wildwood Market

Of course, if you’re looking to really relax this year, enlist some help from professionals by ordering in certain Thanksgiving staples or your entire meal. Last year, Wildwood Market in Fountain Square provided incredible food for Thanksgiving feasts, and this year they’re offering great food options again.

If you’re interested in ordering food for your dinner this year, here’s what Wildwood will be offering:

  • Turkeys – enjoy whole turkeys or turkey breasts. This year, all turkeys will be coming from Becker Farms, which means they’ll be free range and free of GMOs, antibiotics, and hormones. Best of all, you don’t even have to cook them if you don’t want to! Wildwood is offering prepared smoked turkeys and breasts with a brown sugar and sage rub.
  • Homemade Turkey Broth
  • Turkey Brine Kits
  • Glazed Pecans – mixed with bourban soaked dried fruit varieties
  • Cranberry Chutney – featuring cranberries, oranges, and candied ginger
  • Cheese Platters – two different sizes including cheeses, preserves, dried fruits, and spiced nuts
  • Lattice and Lard Pies – choose from Maple Pumpkin, Cranberry Apple, or Bourban Maple Pecan

In addition to these great food items, Wildwood will also be selling curated coffees (a great compliment to any dessert with hints of orange and cherry) and beautiful centerpieces (composed of orange and red flowers and an assortment of nuts, greenery, and berries).

You can plan out your whole meal with Wildwood or order just the food options you need. To find out more about the ordering process and to look at prices, visit their website.

Additional Thanksgiving Food Options

While Wildwood is offering the most complete Thanksgiving meal services in Fountain Square, there are also other options for alleviating some of the cooking burden. Grocery stores like Marsh and Kroger offer great pies, turkeys, and other prepared foods to buy, even in catering sizes.

Amelia’s Bread offers a great variety of breads and dessert pastries. The City Market downtown is also an awesome resource for finding farm fresh turkeys, desserts, breads, fruits and vegetables, homemade preserves, and much more. Of course, traditional downtown bakeries like Circle City Sweets and the Flying Cupcake can also whip you up some awesome desserts to share. Don’t forget to stock up on your favorite drinks from New Day Craft or Fountain Square Brewery, as well!

Be sure to check out all of the Thanksgiving options these local businesses have to share and have a happy and safe holiday!