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Hello fellow investors, Ryan Mullin here with FS Houses.  If you are interested in Investing in Indianapolis real estate you have come to the right place!  My first suggestion is to sign up to our email list.  Whenever we have available investment properties we send them out to the list ASAP.  We will also be sending out blog articles with useful investing information, as well as links to recent news stories impacting the local investment climate here.

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I also have a new acquisitions tool for learning the Indy market and finding out about available deals both on and off-market.  Its called “Driving Deals”.  I will be analyzing available deals in Center Township, Indianapolis. Single Family and Multi-Family.  I’m always hunting down the next deal..  so why not post it, evaluate it, and possibly even help an investor purchase it.

If you are:

  • Busy Local Investor
  • Out of State Investor
  • New Agent looking to learn areas
  • New Wholesaler looking to learn areas

“Driving Deals” could be of great benefit!  It could literally become your boots on the ground for acquisitions as we (FS Houses) always have the capacity to write offers on any of the deals we present.  It could also serve as a neutral 3rd party when analyzing deals from other brokers or wholesalers.  Have a question about a deal?  Just ask!  Need a referral for an industry professional?  Just ask!

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For those that are wanting 1 on 1 consulting and mentoring from a seasoned Real Estate investor (with hundreds of deals under their belt), we offer that too.  Steve Lehman from FS Houses offers 3rd party, hourly based consulting services.  Buying, selling or renting…?   Questions?  Ask Steve!