Invest in Indianapolis

Why Invest in Downtown Indianapolis Housing?

Culture The culture of Indianapolis sports, nightlife, art and music is a huge factor driving the demand for housing. People want to live downtown because its fun, convenient and some how, still remains affordable. Most of the interesting things to do in this great American city are just a bike ride away when you are[…]

Mapleton Fall Creek

Before and After: Mapleton Fall Creek Rehab By FS Houses

Here is a very recent project completed by our rehab team.  This property received all new mechanicals including new electrical, plumbing, high efficiency furnace and a new central air unit.  We also installed brand new hardwood floors because the originals were un-salvageable.  The “before” kitchen was nonexistent so every thing in the kitchen is new[…]

Indianapolis Sports Economics

The Business of Indianapolis’ Sporting Endeavors If you’re any kind of a proud Hoosier, you’ve surely seen the acclaimed film of the same name starring Gene Hackman as the coach of an underdog basketball team. Along with a local town-drunk, played by Dennis Hopper, these two coaches train a group of high school players through[…]

Indy’s Newly Discovered Craft Beer Culture

Like many American cities, Indianapolis has experienced a huge explosion of craft and micro brew establishments in recent years.  From the much beloved, and ever-popular Sun King, to newcomers like Books & Brews, Indy has you covered when it comes to craft and micro brews. Let’s go over a quick run-down of some of the more[…]