Blue Indy Electric Car Sharing

Blue Indy Electric Car Sharing

What’s All the Commotion About? By Courtney Johnston  There has been a lot of talk recently about the tiny white electric cars that have been popping up all around Indianapolis. Blue Indy, a French electric car sharing company, has installed their patented car sharing service around the Indianapolis area with more stations to come by[…]

Art Squared

Buy Art, Make Art, Be Art

The 4th Annual Art Squared Arts Festival If there is one thing Fountain Square does best, it is celebrating local art. With dozens of local galleries, restaurants, and coffee shops showcasing local artists’ talents, Fountain Square is known for its creative vibe. This past Saturday, September 19th, the district showcased its love of all things[…]

Good Turnkey, Bad Turnkey

Trust is Built Over Time A real estate investing story told by Joey Noel of    Things started off really good with my turnkey investments.  No repairs, no vacancies, and no complaints.  The money was rolling in and life was good.  I thought it was easy.  You find a house, buy it, rent it,[…]

local business

Local Business Promotion

Small Businesses of Dowtown Indy: FS Houses is all about promoting Indy’s best and newest small businesses.  Once a month (on our blog and social media) we will be featuring a small LOCAL business with an emphasis on highlighting up and coming entrepreneurs. Resturaunts, breweries, shop owners, contractors, artists, craftsmen, musician…   If you are doing[…]

Bandit signs

Bandit Signs

Bandit signs are a guerrilla marketing tactic used by politicians, real estate investors and people that “buy junk cars”.  I’ve seen bandit signs for pillows, mattresses, wait loss ideas and even pharmaceuticals.  Legally bandit signs fall in somewhat of a gray area… If you decide to place them, be careful. You can get fined. Real Estate[…]

First Fridays in Fountain Square

Art, Music, Cocktails, Movies, and More If you’ve never been to a First Friday event in Fountain Square, you’re sorely missing out. First Friday events are becoming more popular across U.S. cities, and downtown Indy and Fountain Square have taken First Friday celebrations to another level.  I’ve lived here three years now, but my initial[…]

Kuma's Corner

Kuma’s Corner Review

A Little Piece of Chicago in Fountain Square One of my favorite parts of living in Fountain Square is all of the unique and varied food choices around the area. As a lover of both beer and burgers, I had been anticipating the grand opening of Kuma’s Corner for most of the summer. The metal-themed[…]

Fountain Square

Life in Fountain Square

How This Whimsical, Laid-Back District Won Me Over There is a unique vibe to any city you visit, a subset of cultures and people intersecting in one major populated hub. Within any city limits, are distinct regions, which might be named vaguely based on their relationship to downtown, their dominating group of inhabitants, or some[…]