Battle of the Mexican Restaurants: The Best in Fountain Square

Tucked into the tiny blocks of Fountain Square and Fletcher Place are a ton of unique and inventive restaurants, including four superb Mexican restaurants. Not sure which one to try first? Don’t worry, we’ve tried them all for you. Here’s what you need to know.



This bright and hip Mexican joint is quite a staple in Fountain Square. Here you’ll find an array of amazing tacos, some feisty appetizers (try the….), delicious chips and salsa, local brews, and even surprisingly awesome burgers and fries.

The real standout here? The tacos at Revolucion are extremely tenders and juicy, plus they pare well with any of the restaurant’s amazing homemade taco sauces (made from their own homegrown peppers!).

Verdict: The menu is tiny, but the atmosphere is killer, with off-beat Latino folk art adorning every nook and cranny. Come here for a funky date night, to meet friends for drinks, or when you need some authentic-style tacos. Also, be sure to check out their amazing tiki bar outside!

La Margarita

la margarita

Perhaps the most raved about Mexican restaurant in Fountain Square is this local gem. With live music and an outdoor seating area, this place offers a stunning view of the heart of Fountain Square with great food to back up their rep.

You’ll find typical Mexican choices like enchiladas, tortilla soup, quesadillas, and, of course, tacos. The complimentary chips and salsa are perfection; especially the trio of salsas included (pico, verde, and spicy).

Verdict: This is an awesome place for family dinners, outdoor lunches, and late night drinks at the bar. Plus, you can enjoy a great meal outside with your favorite canine pal, since pups are allowed in the outdoor eating area!



This tiny Mexican eatery is known fondly by locals as Tortas, though its full name is Tortas Guicho Dominguez y El Cubanito. This little gem of a restaurant is nestled along Virginia Avenue in Fletcher Place. You’ve likely walked by it a handful of times, but might not have noticed it.

If you’ve never visited Tortas, it can be hard to explain what you’re missing. Your best bet is to check it out for yourself. All of their tortas are inventive and separated by category; Celebrity tortas (named after Latino celebs), International tortas (named and themed after countries), and build-your-own tortas.

Verdict: Tortas is the place to go for something different than the typical offerings at most Mexican restaurants (thought they have tacos and other offerings for the less adventurous). It has a laid back vibe and make for an amazing and easy lunch.

El Arado Mexican Grill


Located on the other end of the block from La Margarita, this Mexican joint is often overshadowed. But El Arado has outdoor seating as well, is right in the center of Fountain Square, and has a pretty large interior.

Their main claim to fame is their enormous “Super Donkey” burrito, which spans 12 inches and is covered in three sauces. They also offer some additional unique dishes, such as their bacon-covered Burrito Rico.

Verdict: You should definitely give this overlooked Mexican restaurant a try. It’s more of a low key place to visit than La Margarita, so if you’re looking for somewhere a bit quieter and less crowded, but with comparable food, El Arado is your place.

With four amazing Mexican places right in your backyard, you’ll never run out of unique dishes to try. Which one is your go-to Mexican restaurant?