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Taste the Best of Indy at the First Friday Food Truck Festivals

Anyone living in downtown Indy can tell you what the biggest perk is: the amazing food. From unique, upscale restaurants to tiny dives, Indy is a mecca for incredible food. Over the past five years, the food truck scene in Indy has also ramped up, creating a need for all of these food trucks to…

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Get Dramatic With the IndyFringe 11-Day Festival Downtown

Every year, for 11 fun-filled days, Mass Ave in Indy grows a bit more vibrant, makes a lot more noise, and puts on more shows than you ever thought possible for a small city. That’s right, it’s IndyFringe time again and whether you’re a seasoned veteran or newcomer, we’ve got the details on what to expect…

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Grocery Store Rundown: Where to Shop in Fountain Square

Living in Fountain Square has a ton of perks; great restaurants and bars, amazing events always popping up, First Friday celebrations, and of course, a variety of quirky, fun shops to explore. Finding a convenient grocery store is also easy, since there is a plethora of options. Four of the main stores in town, Wildwood…

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