Market Snap Shot: Bates Hendricks

Lets a take a look at some of the “on market” action for one of our favorite Indianapolis neighborhoods; Bates Hendricks. _________________________________________________________________ Roughly 5 months ago on March 19th of this year a 3 bedroom 3 bath 1500 sq. ft. house at 726 Weghorst sold for $128,000.  As the house was being rehabbed the listing[…]

How to rent your property in 3 weeks or less

1.  Comparable Properties. If there are other for rent signs in the neighborhood be sure to call them and pretend like you are a prospective tenant.  Ask how much the rent is, what the terms are and the amenities that the house comes with.  If you expect to rent your property with in 3 weeks[…]

Turnkey Vs Wholesale

Turnkey Vs. Wholesale Deals

Turnkey Properties are investment houses that are rehabbed and either rented or are ready to be rented.  The advantage of buying rehabbed and rented properties is predictability and speed.  Your money is immediately put to work and producing cash flow.   Wholesale properties are not yet rehabbed and usually need quite a bit of work[…]

Increase your ROI with Real Estate

What is the rate of return on your retirement investments? Many of our investors see sustained double-digit ROI on their Real Estate holdings, while their their traditional financial investments in stocks and bonds have been performing poorly as of late. If your retirement account isn’t diversified with real estate holdings…why not? Although we’ve increasingly seen in recent[…]

rental rates

Rental Rates

Find out what your property will rent for BEFORE you buy it.  When I buy a property I always want to know how much it will rent for.  Even when buying my own personal home I took into consideration how much I could get in rent VS. what my mortgage payment will be.   For[…]

Bates Hendricks: Small Town in the Big City

Bates Hendricks is a small neighborhood on Indianapolis’ southeast side, and is just another one of the cities unknown gems just waiting to be discovered.  With history abound, Bates Hendricks offers its residents the chance to be a part of a close-knit neighborhood type environment. It’s this type of atmosphere that breeds the good ol’[…]